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Riot Gear

Crowd control is essential, but staying safe during crowd control is equally necessary. The equipment that Worldwide Tactical provides ensures that all of our customers remain safe and secure anytime they’ll need riot gear.

Armor Gear

Worldwide Tactical is a leading provider of brand-name personal body armor, ballistic plates, and armored accessories. We represent all the top manufacturers, offering you a large selection of high-performance, personal armor products such as ballistic plates by some of the best names in the industry. Whatever style or level of protection is needed, our sales staff will guide you to find the best ballistic plates or ballistic armor that best fits your budget. When performance matters, do not settle for the second-best.

Tactical Gear

When it comes to Tactical Gear, there are no better options than Worldwide Tactical. We offer modernized cutting-edge equipment to match current standards. Our commitment to modernization ensures that any unit that works with WorldWide Tactical will be safe and protected.

Our Story

Worldwide Tactical LLC

Worldwide Tactical is an international full service logistics and procurement company well seasoned in sourcing and manufacturing highly specialized niche items. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, you can trust Worldwide Tactical to receive the best product at the best price. For years Worldwide Tactical has supported Homeland Defense, NATO, the UN, and each branch of the United States Military. Through these professional relationships, we have established key strategic vendor alliances allowing us access to the most advanced products on the marketplace. We utilize these resources to advise and recommend the best solutions to suit each individual’s needs and application. After reviewing your initial request, our team is often able to identify alternative products that are equal or far superior in quality, availability, and recommend them to you.

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