body armor


Police, military, and other forces have the job like no other. They serve to protect us and in return, they need to be vigilant about their protection as well. Anything that involves ammunition and other weapons means there’s an increased risk of injury or a situation that can be life-threatening.

Salute to those who are risking their lives every day so we can peacefully sleep every night. They need a lot of special arrangements to remain safe on their duty. It is never like just waking up in the morning and wearing a formal suit and shiny shoes for them. They need to do more than that. With their casual wear or uniform, they need body armor protection. Without it, they become highly vulnerable during their duty hours.

Military personnel, policemen, and security forces people must only go for the best body armor because there should be no compromise on safety. Among the different tactical gear, body armor is considered to be an effective body gear.

The best body armor for sale today is the one that meets all the security standards and protects the wearer. We strive hard day and night to provide such ballistic protection so you can stay safe during your tough job. We know your job is tough and we don’t want you to stress about what you wear. For that, we make sure that every product that we offer fulfills all the standards required to keep you protected. You can do your job to give us security; while in return, we can do our job to give you the best when you are doing your job.


With the advancement in armor technology, the designers now create soft body armors that are flexible to move in different directions while providing optimal protection. Usually, they are made using synthetic fibers. For instance, soft body armor 3a is slim for concealment, easy to wear, and powerful enough to withstand many impacts.

There are different levels and types of soft body armor. Among them, the most common is the level 3A soft body armor. It is an incredibly strong armor that can take slow bullets and different kinds of other ammunition.

Level IIIA soft armor has the potential to cease any handgun round around 44 Magnum. As normally in most cases, small arms are used by the culprits so usually only a level IIIA protection is enough for the police forces.

Our soft body armors meet all the high-quality standards required to keep you safe on daily patrol. They are durable and reliable and offer great protection while allowing you to remain mobile. In short, they are versatile, comfortable, and pocket-friendly. We make sure that you do your duty at its best daily with our soft body armor.


It is a must for security personnel to wear some kind of protection during their duty as lethal weapons are involved. Body armor can easily be worn and allow flexibility as well as protection. Usually, policemen and military personnel wear soft armor under their clothes. Body armor is bulletproof and protects your torso from any injury during the encounter with the thugs or in any other disastrous condition.

In short, body armor is perfect when you need to protect yourself against handguns and other weapons. Every security force personnel must wear them inside or over their clothes all the time, because many times, the adverse situation doesn’t provide enough time to get optimal protection.


The latest NIJ armor standard uses Roman numerals to tell about the level of threat that body armor can resist.

Armor Level Type I: Having this label means, the protection is provided against a 2.6 g .22 long rifle having a bullet velocity of 329 m/s, and 6.2 g .380ACP full round at 322 m/s velocity.

Armor Level Type IIA: Any armor with this level protects against a 8g 9x19mm parabellum with bullet velocity 373m/s, 11.7g .40 S&W FMJ bullets at 352 m/s velocity, and 14.9g .45 ACP FMJ with 275 m/s velocity.

Armor Level Type II: With this armor level, the protection is provided against 8g 9mm FMJ RN bullets having 398 m/s velocity and 10.2 g .357 Magnum bullet velocity of 436 m/s.

Armor Level Type IIIA: This armor level protects against 8.1 g .357 SIG FMJ bullets having 448 m/s velocity and 15.6 g .44 Magnum SJHP bullets with velocity 436 m/s.

Armor Level Type III: This conditioned armor provides protection against all the above-mentioned threats plus .96 g 7.62x51mm NATO bullets having 847 m/s velocity.

Armor Level Type IV: This armor is effective against all the threats mentioned above and also provides protection against a 10.8 g armor-piercing rifle having a velocity of up to 878 m/s.


Basically, there are two types of body armor: Soft armor and hard armor.

Soft Armor:

It’s a flexible armor that provides protection against handguns. Because of its comfort, it is worn every day by security officers every day. It is worn under the clothing or over the clothing in an external carrier. It is enough to provide protection against day-to-day duties involving ammunition.

Hard Armor:

It’s armor with rigid plates or panels and provides more protection than soft armor. It is not made to be worn every day as it is heavier. Officers involved in high-risk situations wear this armor usually.

There is also tactical armor that is a combination of soft armor panels and hard armor plates. This kind of armor offers the best of both worlds.


Alongside the torso, the head also needs equal protection in the toughest combat situations. Among the different helmet types Future Assault Shell Technology Helmet, in short, renowned as the FAST helmet is very much famous. It is a combat helmet worn by the people involved in maintaining law and order.

Fast ballistic helmets are specially designed to cover the rear occipital bone for enhanced protection. Alongside, they are designed to distribute weight equally on the head for better balance, comfort, and stability. They provide protection against different kinds of ammunition depending on the type you select. For instance, a level 3 ballistic helmet provides protection against handgun bullets.

All the fast helmets we have are up to their standards. They provide protection in risky situations and offer ease and comfort.

Body Armor Helmet

The body armor helmet comes side by side with the body armor providing protection to the head. Like a 3a body armor, a 3a helmet also offers protection against the handgun rounds .44 Magnum. Likewise, the high cut mich helmet is also a level iii a helmet that offers advanced ballistic and impact protection along with comfort. No matter how long you need to wear this helmet, you don’t feel tired.

We offer all the advanced combat helmets, whether it’s a mich helmet or a full cut helmet, just name what you want and we have a complete set for your protection on the field.

Ballistic Blanket

Sometimes, having body armor is not enough as it is only sufficient to provide protection to the wearer. When it comes to securing a greater radius from a mishap, a bomb blanket is often used. These blast suppression blankets keep the explosive blast inside the blank while protecting the surroundings.

Like other ballistic bomb blankets, the Kevlar blanket is one of a kind. It can capture high-velocity shrapnel in a confined space. This tactical blanket is heat resistant as well.

Our bomb blankets can be thrown over doors, walls, or windows, and can even be used as a personal protective shield when there’s a chance of a blast. They are easy to use and offer a quick solution in adverse conditions. Their diversity of use makes them unique and a must-have in chaotic situations.

Ballistic Shields

When one more protection gear is required for added security, ballistic shields are the first option. These tactical shields can stop or deflect any projectile or bullet fired at the carrier. Usually, armed forces and police use these shields when additional protection is needed.

Not only are the bullets, but they can stop any thrown item and can withstand the impact. In less threatening situations especially when the general public is involved, these shields are used where riot shield provide better protection.They become the body shield and don’t come in contact with the body thus providing protection against any impact that usually affects the wearer of the body armor.

When the body armor faces the bullet, the impact is felt by the body which is not the case when the ballistic shield is used. These shields have glass to make the other side visible. Also, many shields are designed to add extra accessories as well like a night light.

When you are looking for a bulletproof face shield, clear ballistic shield, or any other ballistic shield for sale, we are at your service. Our collection is huge to provide you with what you desire. We only offer high-quality shields that have the potential to withstand any projectile or impact.