About us



Worldwide Tactical is an international full service logistics and procurement company for personal protective equipment that’s well seasoned in sourcing and manufacturing highly specialized niche items. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, you can trust Worldwide Tactical to receive the best product at the best price. For years Worldwide Tactical has supported Homeland Defense, NATO, the UN, and each branch of the United States Military. Through these professional relationships, we have established key strategic vendor alliances allowing us access to the most advanced products on the marketplace. We utilize these resources to advise and recommend the best solutions to suit each individual’s needs and application. After reviewing your initial request, our team is often able to identify alternative products that are equal or far superior in quality, availability, and recommend them to you.
Worldwide Tactical specializes in handling large project requests requiring numerous line items to support a full team. By consolidating the management of your product sourcing with Worldwide Tactical, you can ensure that your project will be handled consistently by our highly skilled and knowledgeable team at the best possible pricing for personal protective equipment. When working with Worldwide Tactical, expect highly personalized service and attention to support your needs every step of the way. In the chaos of today’s world, it is reassuring to know that there is a company like ours fully prepared to meet your rigid equipment demands, and provide unique solutions and pricing that is unmatched in the marketplace.


Our core focus is to provide Police, Military and Safety with the tactical products, armor, and personal protective equipment needed for peacekeeping and safety. We are dedicated to providing the best assistance and support to our valued customers and partners. At Worldwide Tactical, we love to take on challenges; it is a regular part of what we do! With our invaluable experience and knowledge base, our team strives to provide simple solutions to complex problems that our customers present us with. We believe that the requisite logistic are just as important as finding the right product. Our key logistic partners all over the world, we are able to offer your ideal logistical solution, land air or sea, regardless of your location

Worldwide Tactical is proud to move into the next phase of our evolution. As a result of our companies growth and experience, we now offer custom contracting. Our robust custom contracting capability allows for the production of any clothing or accessory item as well as both hard and soft armor products.

We are proud of the success stories and satisfied customers ordering clothing or accessory items. We have proudly fulfilled very large contracts for complex accessories and clothing items worn by the military. Our US based production facilities are supported by offshore facilities that which, under our direct supervision and quality control, provide you with the ideal solution for your application and needs.

When it comes to armor, our team is equipped with world-class ballistic engineers who are able to provide customers the solutions tailored to their requirements. Worldwide Tactical has experience filling numerous armor orders on behalf of our customers including specialty items such as ballistic blankets, mobile ballistic panel systems. While we strive to keep our pricing competitive to give our customers the best value possible, you can always count on Worldwide Tactical to never sacrifice on the quality or safety of your armor.

In a world where technology is ever-evolving, we offer our customers the best possible, cutting edge, law enforcement tools available. Worldwide tactical also offers a full array of detection and monitoring equipment now available on the market, specific to our customer’s needs. Worldwide Tactical is available around the clock Helping to keep America strong and safe by serving all your procurement and logistics needs.