Riot Gear


Confront crowds and controlling riots require lots of protective gear. Where tactical vests are heavy-duty vest that protects the torso region, a riot mask is required for the protection of the face, and riot knee pads are used for the protection of the knees. When the situation becomes out of control, other rioting gears are required as well including a riot suit or riot shield.

These things are necessary to keep going and controlling; otherwise, the situation can become a mess. Whether the police are taking part in controlling the riots or the military, they all require their protector gear to be durable and reliable because the damage done during unlawful situations is not very welcoming and can be life-threatening.

What the crowd has in mind is unpredictable. They may even harm the police personnel. These protective gear at least keep them safe while controlling the crowd.


However, it is not the case always. Many times, the law enforcement people don’t need protection from the public but from the things that they are using for riot control. For instance, to disperse the crowd, the police teams often use special weapons which are less-than-lethal weapons including tear gas, pepper spray, water cannons, stun grenades, etc.

These weapons don’t make permanent damage but are efficient enough to scatter the crowd which makes it easy to control the situation. Among these weapons, certain things affect the controllers directly.

One example is tear gas. When the crowd is treated with tear gas, it spreads in all directions and affects the police forces as well. Tear gas can lead to moderate to severe irritation to the mouth, eyes, throat, lungs, and skin.

The chest tightness and choking and coughing can make anyone feel helpless. To remain protected, police officers use gas masks along with other rioting gear. Also, to protect hands from sharp objects, flying debris, etc.

police riot gloves are used. If you are looking for the best riot gear for sale you can come to us. We offer all top-class rioting gears that can keep you protected in chaotic situations. From head to toe, we have everything to keep you going in these adverse situations while securing you from the odds.

Police Riot Helmet

Bottles, stones, bricks, and rocks, all become a weapon when thrown at a greater velocity. They have the potential to damage the head, ear, etc.

Riot policing is not an easy job. It always carries a risk of severe injury. Among the other police riot control equipment, the tactical riot helmet is mostly used by the police force to deal with these threats. It’s a police helmet that reduces the impact and protects the head from any kind of injury.

We are your end of research of finding high-quality police riot gear for sale.  Our riot helmets are ultra-light in weight but sturdy in performance. They give comfort to the head from the inside and rock-solid protection from the outside.

Some helmets that we offer provide protection to the whole head while others extend shelter to the face as well by having a shield at the front. They give complete head and face protection and have the best performing abilities.

Swat Helmet

We offer the finest quality swat team helmet with elegant design. Our swat helmet comes with great protection. We make them with high-class materials which expand the strength of our helmets.

Thick foam padding inside gives maximum comfort. Our swat team helmets are specially crafted to meet all the needs of the ever-changing rioting scenario. Their lightweight design made them efficient and flexible. Available in customized sizes, everyone gets the perfect fit.

Our swat helmets are lighter and protect against sharp and blunt objects attacks during life-threatening conditions of riots. Our every swat riot gear is premium in features.

The materials used are of superb quality to ensure long-lasting durability because safety is always first with no compromises. Our swat riot gears are suitable to be used in extreme situations of troubled law and order.

We assure the security of officials who wear our swat riot gears. We work day and night to improvise our products and make them your first choice. Our protective riot gears are most comfortable, reliable, and long-lasting.

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Riot helmet with face shield

We believe face protection is equally important and must be given equal importance like the head. Sometimes, the scars are for life and can make you a scar face. To make things best for you, we offer you the top-rated riot face shield.

Our riot helmet with a face shield has an amazing feature that not only saves one’s face but also ensures proper and clear vision. It is essential to understand and interpret the situation by having a complete view of the scene without which controlling the riots will become troublesome.

Our riot face shields are made up of high-quality transparent material to last longer without damage. We manufacture our face shield in a way that safety and security are boosted greatly.

We give assurance that the front glass of the riot face shield is shattered free under diverse conditions. We also offer an essential product for the duty officers’ police riot shield. These riot shields are made up of high-grade polycarbonate sheets. The thickness is ideal and keeps you protected without any flaws. Our police riot shield is tough, light in weight, and offers great protection.

We provide the helmet in different sizes to fits all the requirements of the customer. Our main focus is to meet the protection protocols of officials who are on duty during dangerous riots.

We design our riot shields to render perfect safety against glass bottles, bricks, rocks sharp or blunt items. They remain unbreakable front to back to provide ultimate protection. Padded with shock-free material, they have a strong grip but are flexible enough to give full control and comfort.