Tactical Gear


Whether you belong to a law enforcement agency or a rescue department, you need special tactical gear from clothing to accessories to meet the need of your job. These gears are designed to serve your special missions and keep you fully prepared to face whatever comes your way. Here is the best tactical gear you can rely on.


When it comes to combating adverse situations, the military faces the possibly worst scenario. They are called in special situations in which other forces are lacking expertise. The experience and demand of their proficiency make them more vulnerable. Therefore, the tactical accessories they need are typically made to suit their demands.

Whether you are looking for combat gear, molle gear, or any other tactical gear, we have a huge collection to select from.  Our molle supports the weight you expect and every compartment is large enough to keep your supply.

As for the best tactical gear, Miami is your final stop because we locate here. But no matter where you are, our affordable and high-quality products are available over the internet. Your immediate supplies are just a click away!


Crime can happen anywhere anytime. If you’re a part of quick response police or military force, you must know the importance of handcuffs in dangerous situations. Especially, where the criminal has to be in your full control to prevent any further misdeed. We offer you the top-ranked police handcuffs.  Our handcuffs are manufactured using high-quality raw materials that boost their solidity and durability.  We assure you that our products never let you down in those trouble-exposed conditions and we always emphasize your safety and security come first.

We provide different types of handcuff varieties. Hinged cuffs have a little gap and give maximum control to officials on offenders. Alongside, chain cuffs are folded in half which makes it easy to carry them. Smith and Wesson handcuffs are the premium choice of security forces among all variants; they have world-class features which is why they are trusted and reliable globally.  Model100 handcuffs are smash-hit and highly successful because of their finest quality materials which guarantee authenticity.

Tactical handcuffs keys are a must-needed part of any handcuffs gadget. We offer you the best of the best. We make our keys with top-grade stuff only. Our keys are thicker in size which makes them tougher, long-lasting, and user-friendly.

Nitrile Exam Gloves

If you work in a laboratory, hospital, military, or any place where your hands are exposed or in contact with hazardous materials, our nitrile exam gloves could be your life-saver. Our gloves are manufactured from the best material which reduces the high risks of allergies. Our gloves look like latex gloves; but, in comparison, they are far better. We make them maximize their impenetrable liquid features.

Our gloves are soft and cozy and easy to put on and off. We make our gloves without powder and latex which expand the elasticity and strength.  All our stocks must undergo the international standards check and still, they are pocket-friendly!

We offer an extensive range of nitrile gloves.  Orange nitrile gloves are sharp in color and can be used in darker areas to promote visibility. Their outstanding material makes the wearer super relaxed to work in extreme conditions like mining, digging, etc. Extended cuff nitrile exam gloves are the most convenient type because we fabricate them in a manner to not only save hands but also protect the wrist and forearm. Gloveworks orange nitrile gloves are best of all; they can be used at home as well.

Our gloves are just superb, lightweight, durable, and comfortable. Further, their liquid-resisting ability is what everyone likes. And above all, they are cost-effective and don’t burden the wallet.

XMRE Meals Military

External protection is not enough when your mind and body are constantly working. There’s a need to understand the body’s requirements as well. Xmre 3000xt and other military emergency food supplies that we offer are created with great care. The nutrients and caloric value they provide are enough to cover your daily hefty requirements. Also, they taste good to give some treat to your tastebuds in trying times. Furthermore, they heat up immediately to save time.

Our ready-to-eat meals meet all the military standards. As the situation is not ideal for the military always, therefore, the food packaging is made waterproof and tamper-proof. So, even in not-so-perfect situations, the meal remains intact inside. The food feels fresh always and has a longer shelf-life.

When you are looking for xmre for sale, we could be your forever supplier. We offer timely deliveries, amazing customer care, and even after-purchase customer care for your satisfaction. For us, our customers are very important.  Thus, we take care of your needs so you can focus on what’s more important.