Introducing our POLICE/RIOT WOOD BATONS, meticulously crafted with second-growth hickory for unparalleled strength and durability. Perfect for law enforcement and riot control, available in various lengths and finishes. Enhance your grip with optional rubber sleeves and roll-on grips. Proudly MADE IN USA. Explore now at WW Tactical



The WWT straight police/riot wood batons features second-growth hickory having a clear straight grain with no knots or imperfections, for added strength. All wood batons are 1 ¼ inch diameter and come in standard lengths, ranging from 24 to 42 inches in length. Wood batons are vat dyed and finished using a durable clear lacquer finish. Available fluted, on one end, or both ends. These batons have available, hand grip accessories such as rubber sleeves, and roll-on grips, to greatly improve the user’s ability to grip the baton. The baton stop accessory is used to support the baton in the belt, or ring carrier. A leather thong may also be added to this baton, with included, drilled thong hole BLACK or NATURAL
Custom bulk orders are welcome. MADE IN USA


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