Best Riot Gear Items

Seven Best Riot Gear Items for Staying Safe in 2024 Protests

As we start the New Year, it’s important to check all the best riot gear items and protective equipment for police officers. This includes making sure everything is in good condition and replacing any old or worn-out items. Since we learned a lot from the riots in 2020, it’s a good idea to get the latest gear from WW Tactical to make sure officers have the best protection possible.

Here are best riot gear items for staying safe during protests in 2024

best riot gear items

Riot Helmets

When things get chaotic during protests, police need really good helmets to stay safe. WW Tactical’s riot helmets are top-notch. They have face shields to protect against things being thrown, and neckguards for extra safety from things coming from behind.

Riot Shields

To stay safe from dangerous things like Molotov cocktails and fireworks during protests, police use strong and light riot shields. These shields are made of tough polycarbonate material and come in different types. They protect against fire and have padding on the forearms for extra comfort.

Riot Gloves

When police officers are in fights, their hands can get hurt from cuts, burns, or dangerous stuff. That’s why they wear riot gloves and fentanyl safe exam gloves from WW Tactical. These gloves come in different sizes and offer really good protection. Some have tough knuckles, while others have padding made of Kevlar to protect against cuts.

Tactical Accessories

WW Tactical riot suits come with a special system called MOLLE that lets you attach extra gear easily. You can add pouches for things like tools, bags for grenades, and other useful stuff to make the riot suits even better.

Cooling and Hydration Packs

To stay cool and hydrated during hot situations like protests, special packs with cooling gel and water pouches are provided. They attach to vests and hold up to 2 liters of water, with a straw for easy drinking, making long missions more comfortable.

Riot Suits

The Enforcer Riot Suit gives complete protection from head to toe, and it’s not heavy, weighing about 10 pounds without extra parts. It has pockets all over, a tough vest, and keeps you safe from fire, hits, and stabs. The Mounted Patrol Riot Suit is for cops on horses and gives extra safety during chaos.

Accessories and Carry Bags

Backpacks and carry bags are provided for riot suits, helmets, gas masks, and other items. Compact and easily deployable, these accessories ensure officers have their gear readily available in patrol vehicles.

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