Protests and riots tend to break out in the summer, making it crucial that police and security personnel have the proper equipment to protect their most valuable asset: their heads. Law enforcement and security personnel have used Riot helmet in many countries for years.


Riot gear is a type of armor used by law enforcement officers. This gear is often used in situations where there is a high risk of being hurt or killed. Some of the most popular riot gear items are helmets with a HP rating of 750. This is the highest of any medium armor in the game and it is also one of only seven equipment pieces to boost Critical Chance.

Riot gear helmets are made to withstand a range of assaults, including rocks, bricks, and bottles. Instead of obstructing visibility, transparent face act as a barrier between an officer’s face and any potential objects that might be dropped or hurled nearby.

Our riot helmets, like our ballistic helmets, come with a wide variety of features to accommodate police and security personnel in a wide variety of environments and riot situations.


The PROTEC-X has always been the standard riot helmet. An ideal use case is when the user’s head is completely covered, as in normal riot operations. The full coverage of the PROTEC-X gives the officer complete protection from projectiles and other dangers that may be around during a riot. Complete eye protection is provided by the PROTEC-visor X, which features a tight seal around the visor’s peak to prevent the infiltration of liquids and gases.

Because it secures the whole head, the PROTEC-X is famous for city operations where there may be a lot of protests. Rural units are also its big fans. Its all-around protection and practical features make it a great one-size-fits-all solution for protests that happen out of the blue.

People who live in hot places often tint the visor of their PROTEC-X helmet to make it their own. The tinted visors protect the wearer from the sun and keep tear gas and projectiles from getting in their eyes.


This model is great for protecting people in riot situations where protesters might throw heavy things at them. The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet doesn’t protect your face as the TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet does. The visor of the TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet can be removed, revealing a sturdy face cage. This face cage keeps the visor from breaking if it gets hit in a way that could damage it otherwise. The wearer is, therefore, further safeguarded from the effects of heavy projectiles, attacks, and other forms of blunt force trauma by the face cage.

This is also a great way to transport prisoners because its face cage protects them. In particular, our clients have found that the TERMINATOR-X face cage protection is beneficial when they are doing cell extraction. Because of this, the TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet is used in a lot of prisons all over the world.


Police and security workers are often exposed to tear gas and smoke and like to wear Bubble Riot Helmets. The visor on the Bubble Riot Helmet is shaped like a “bubble,” giving it a unique appearance. Because the visor sticks out, putting a gas mask on top is easy.

Because it is easy to put a gas mask under the visor, the Bubble Riot Helmet is most often used in riots in cities, where tear gas is used more often.

You can select between two different visor thicknesses so that the Bubble Helmet can better suit your requirements. This means that your team can select the thickness of your visor based on the specific dangers you expect to face in the field. If you want to protect officers better from heavy things thrown at them, the thicker visor is the best choice. If keeping officers safe from tear gas and other liquids is your primary goal, the thinner visor will do the job.

There are also two different kinds of Bubble Helmet. The bubble Mini Riot Helmet is less bulky than the traditional Bubble style. This makes it great for tactical operations or when officers need to move quickly.


Being in the police and dealing with disturbances and riots is normal, but you can only handle it if you have the proper police riot helmet protection and safety gear. The average police officer can’t get help because the government has to give him the necessary tools. But suppose you have the power to look at the supplies of security and protection tools for the military and security personnel. In that case, you need to give the anti-police riot helmet a lot of attention.


There are a lot of good manufacturers of the best tactical gear. Most of them are probably well-known to you. But you have never heard of many other companies that make bomb-proof best tactical gear. For me to recommend a good piece of tactical gear, it has to meet a few criteria.

First, I like it when the equipment is made by a professional who has used that kind of equipment in the past. When you tell an engineer what you want, there is always something that gets lost in the translation. Because of this, some of the stuff given to regular Army soldiers and Marines is pretty bad. People who have never used it in their lives make it.

Second, I’d instead use it by people who do that job best. I’m not going to ask a breacher what the best sniper bipod is! People who use the gear daily can tell you what you need and don’t. Details matter, and masters of their craft know the facts better than anyone else.


Lastly, it won’t be the least expensive option. If you are tight on money, you won’t be able to find the best tactical gear. That doesn’t mean I always choose the most expensive version since that’s often more about how well the product is marketed than how well it works.