Riot Gear

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Crowd control is essential, but staying safe during crowd control is equally necessary. The equipment that Worldwide Tactical provides ensures that all of our customers remain safe and secure anytime they’ll need riot gear.

We offer everything that could be needed for proper crowd control, including:

ASP Expandable Riot Batons

Use one of these expandable batons to help push back crowds and defend oneself from any attackers.

Riot Face Shields

Our face shields are able to protect the user’s eyes and face from the majority of projectiles or sprays. Useful in hostile crowd situations.

Gas Masks

Utilize gas masks when dispersing heavy crowds through tear gas. These masks can also be utilized in combat scenarios.

Riot Helmets

Our helmets are lightweight but protective, allowing the user to move around with relative ease in heavy crowd situations.

Riot Shields

Our shields are designed for maneuverability and maximum protection. It can be used to push back, and some of them are ballistic proof.

Riot Suits

Our full protective riot suits are surprisingly lightweight for how protective they are. Go through any crowd control situation with complete protection.