ThorBoard ATG

Thor Board ATG TM

Our NEW “Grab and GO” door mount is placed inside the door. It adapts to any vehicle.. It protects the head, neck, shoulder, and torso from ambush attacks. If the door is open and is used for cover, the same protection applies. The handle is at a height which makes it easy to grab. The shield is removable. To use outside of the vehicle, simply flip the latch and go. The system is transferable between any vehicle with the door mount in place., The window operates normally.

“It is always by your side”, yet it does not obstruct your vision, ventilation is excellent. Door meetings are easily accomplished.

Thorboard may help with de-escalation  by buying the officer time with its added protection. Officers can stay protected and safely wait to know if the subject is reaching for perhaps a wallet instead of a gun and make better decisions. Patents pending.

The ThorBoard GO Shield. It quickly removes from its holster.  When in the door mount in the vehicle, the GO Shield protects LEOs from ambush attacks.  Flip the latch and the GO Shield removes quickly  and is used to protect LEOs during vulnerable events such as traffic stops, serving a warrant, and domestic violence. It is right-sized to be easily carried and can be used in confined spaces where the LEO’s head and neck may be exposed. It stops all common hand guns. In recent tests it was effective against AR 15 and AK 47.

The rules have changed. Officers are now required to engage upon arrival. So, they need this level of protection. Handguns account for 70% of all firearm crime, and ThorBoard stops them all. The system is available for a wide variety of vehicles.

ThorBoard is effective, affordable and is protected with 2 issued patents and one pending patent.

A window “HOLSTER”  with a shield that can be quickly removed.

It protects an LEO’s head and neck and can be used externally

for traffic stops, domestic violence, serving warrants and any other dangerous encounter.


Officers are vulnerable even while working in their vehicle. ThorBoard is right there by their side keeping them safe. A a latch removes the GO Shield and can  face a threat from any angle.  The window operates as normal,

It is silent when on the road and does not impede vision. The shield is UV protected and has an anti-abrasion coating.


ThorBoard 1000 is 1 inch thick, 12″ wide and either 18″ or 20″ long. It weighs 9.2 to 9.7 pounds.
It defeats every round up to, and including .44Mag. and is shown effective against AR 15 and AK 47. Those rounds penetrated our shield but stopped at the vest. The officer would have survived.

See test below…

VAPD_Training_ThorBoard_Test – VAPD_Training_ThorBoard_Test –

H.P. White Labs​: TB-1000

  • 10 x .44 Mag

  • No  penetration

  • All rounds are embedded in the shield with no spall



ThorBoard is all about instant availability, being within reach at all times. Airport police, SROs, and officers on motorcycles, bikes, and the beat can take ThorBoard with them.

Our accessories include a backpack, a shoulder cross-strap that connects to the handle (top right), and a forearm strap if additional control is desired (bottom right).

The backpack is comfortable and holds a shield and holds many other essential items.


TB-750 is Tough!

TB-1000 is Tougher!

TB-1000 Holster ....

ThorBoard CV- RIOT shield

  • A 2.5 pound RIOT shield for use during protests, it also protects against COVID.
  • The Riot shield TB 250) offers protester protection in a smaller low-cost format.
  • It can be held either in the hand or with the shoulder strap.
  • The $125 Riot shield weighs only 2.5 pounds, and is right sized at 16″ x 24″ to protect officers, during protests. Or while on patrol when a large format is not practical.
  • It is 45 times more impact resistant than acrylic, and will deflect most typically launched items.
  • With the shoulder strap, You can drop it and it is still by your side.
  • We also have a backpack.

Its Patent Pending

ThorBoard RIOT-250TM

Our TB-250 Shield not only reduces exposure to Coronavirus, but it also serves as a Riot Shield. Note in picture to right how shield hangs via shoulder strap, ready for use. The 16″ x 24″ weighs 2.5 pounds, and is approx. 1/4: thick polycarbonate. Cost is $125,00