Self Defense Training

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Worldwide Tactical is proud to offer self-defense training courses for any agency or department. These courses are meant to assist military personnel, and police officers across the United States gain proper defense training against both individuals and groups.

With no agreed-upon protocols or modes of operation in response to a threat, we aim to create a clear path. Hence, agencies and officers across the country have a consistent understanding of how to respond in a crisis scenario. At the same time, it’s essential to keep others safe; all that is for nothing if you can’t defend yourself. Our training will ensure that isn’t a problem.

This realistic training straight from the source will serve as the operational doctrine for the security detail. The methods described will be those currently used by the IDF and security services for combating active shooters, barricaded suspects, terrorist takedowns, and targeted abductions and eliminations. Some of the training courses will include:

  • Vehicle ambush and takedown
  • Hostage rescue drills
  • Active shooter takedown
  • Barricaded subject apprehension
  • Installation security

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