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Self-Defense / Counter-Terrorism Training
While Israel has been fighting terrorism and dealing with active shooters and attacks on their installations for decades, it is still a relatively new concept to American security agencies. There are still no agreed-upon protocols and modes of operation within US law enforcement. That is due to many reasons, including lack of communication between agencies, lack of experience, or old-school doctrines for crime-fighting. That is why training direct from the front line of fighting terrorism is essential to achieve proficiency. Hire us to train your security services.

Training must be able to serve academic purposes as well as real-world applications. Such realistic and intense training will be a perfect guide for a law enforcement entity performing counter-terror/security duties, a special operations unit with an installation protection mission, or a security firm providing static security from terrorism.

First of all, there need to be concepts dedicated to warrior mindset and warrior skills and drills on how to carry out such security services and counter-terror operations.

This realistic training straight from the source will serve as the operational doctrine for the security detail. The methods described will be those currently used by the IDF and security services for combating active shooters, barricaded suspects, terrorist takedowns, and targeted abductions and eliminations. Some of the training courses will include:

  • Vehicle ambush and takedown
  • Hostage rescue drills
  • Active shooter takedown
  • Barricaded subject apprehension
  • Installation security

All of the training will be focused on the time-proven, battle-tested, Israeli method. We will teach techniques and strategies to build and maintain this type of unit and structure the training, including the psychology of combat, what being a warrior means, and fighting terrorists in the urban environment.

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When is something during a real-time combat scenario most likely to go wrong? Is it when a sudden change of situation occurs? When a piece of equipment falters, or is it when the best-laid plans suddenly are falling apart?

The honest answer is that it’s all of those possibilities and more. American security agencies need to be ready for anything that can occur during a crisis. The only way to be prepared is to train for it. There’s nothing like the real thing, but proper training can emulate it.

At WorldWide Tactical, we have training regiments for all potential scenarios. Including when the unexpected happens. Think about this, an active shooter is present in the area, and your team is working to take them down. Suddenly a second one appears. How do you respond? Do you take out the first threat, or does your team split off to take on the second?

Scenarios like this are what we work on here at WorldWide Tactical to ensure that all American security agencies are ready. They need to be prepared for the unexpected, and that’s what our training accomplishes—getting prepared for the unexpected.

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