Full Boy Riot Suit

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Crowd control is pointless without proper protection, and that’s why Worldwide Tactical has begun offering full-body riot suits. These will keep the wearer protected against all potential chaos scenarios.

Our full-body riot suits provide maximum protection from any threat. Surprisingly lightweight, these suits will not impair movement and allow the user to continue to provide crowd control whenever necessary.

Worldwide Tactical riot suits are made from high-quality material that can conform to the body, allowing maximum protection and maneuverability. We receive our equipment from vetted and trusted distributors to ensure our customers are wearing armor they know will keep them protected.

Worldwide Tactical has the experience that has helped it become a proven and reliable distributor of tactical gear across the United States. Some of the agencies that we have experience providing support to include:

  • Homeland Defense
  • NATO
  • The United Nations
  • Every department of the United States Military