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Personal Ballistic Plates & Armor Protection Equipment

Worldwide Tactical is a leading provider of brand-name personal body armor, ballistic plates,and armored accessories. We represent all the top manufacturers, offering you a large selection of high-performance, personal armor products such as ballistic plates by some of the best
names in the industry. Whatever style or level of protection is needed, our sales staff will guide you to find the best ballistic plates or ballistic armor that best fits your budget. When performance matters, do not settle for the second-best.

Body Armor

Worldwide Tactical offers a robust selection, of the highest quality, in both concealable and tactical body armor, as well as an extensive selection of rifle protection ballistic plates to accommodate your needs best. Whatever your desired security level, we will guarantee to have
the best body armor and ballistic plates at the right price.

Ballistic Plates

Worldwide Tactical is a leading provider of ballistic plates. We carry the full range of ballistic plates of all sizes, shapes, and styles. We can help determine whether you are seeking basic steel, ballistic plates, or cutting-edge ultra-light polyethylene ballistic plates. For rifle threats, it is necessary to use Level III or Level IV ballistic plates in conjunction with your soft body armor. Soft Body Armor alone will not act to protect one from rifle rounds. Therefore, it is essential to properly select the correct type of ballistic plates, which gives you the maximum ballistic protection. Generally speaking, all ballistic plates are designed as either Stand-Alone or in conjunction with (ICW), depending upon your particular ballistic plate needs.


Today a large selection of materials is available to select from when choosing the right ballistic plate for your needs. Besides traditional steel and ceramic, many options can significantly reduce the weight of full-sized ballistic plates. With the advent of composites, polyethylene, and the like, plates are lightweight, less bulky, and offer much better freedom of movement. Comfort Whereas a standard plates curve in one dimension, a better solution which we recommend is our 10″ by 12″ ballistic plates that have a triple curve to more closely conform to your body. These plate adjustments mean a closer fit and less play when moving, not to mention better protection and less load to enhance your movement.

Threat Protection Level

These are the three rifle protection levels to choose from, in descending order:

  • US Military SAPI

We carry an array of specialized ballistic plates and soft trauma plates. Custom ballistic plates are welcome, depending upon quantity.



Worldwide Tactical is a significant high-performance Ballistic Helmets provider, offering an extensive range of military and law enforcement models. All our helmets are built to conform to the most rigid quality standards and manufacturing techniques.


Worldwide Tactical is a major provider of high-performance Ballistic shields, offering many models and sizes for both military and law enforcement. We design our shields to provide the user a high level of protection in the most adverse circumstances. For maximum tactical advantage, they offer maneuverability, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

EOD Equipment

Worldwide Tactical is a major provider of high-performance EOD equipment offering a large range of models and sizes for military and law enforcement. We supply EOD disposal suits, demining equipment, ballistic plates, and many more related accessories. At Worldwide Tactical, we understand that when your life is on the line, quality matters.