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Riot Helmets

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Riot Helmets


Premier Crown Riot and General Duty Helmets

Sirchie is renowned, in providing, high-quality tactical and safety equipment needed to protect the well being of our nation’s law enforcement and correctional officers, as well as law enforcement professionals around the world. We are proud and honored, to carry the entire line of helmets, to serve public safety, sector. CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING

906 Series TacElite EPR Polycarbonate Alloy Riot Helmet

Model TR1001-L/XL


SAFARILAND/PROTECH Polycarbonate Half Shell Black Helmets meet or exceeds NIJ 0104.02 riot and NIJ 0105.01 crash standards. PC Half Shell Helmets from PROTECH are designed to offer a complete tactical package without sacrificing protection or comfort. These PROTECH are lightweight. The non-ballistic polycarbonateriot helmet was specifically developed by PROTECH to meet the rigorous demands of the military and law enforcement tactical teams. The expanded polystyrene liner provides additional protection. The PROTECH PC Half Shell Helmet also comes with a washable and removable HydrofilDri-Lex fabric liner for comfort and moisture removal.

Features of PROTECH Polycarbonate Half Shell Helmet:

  •    Lightweight, molded insert non-ballistic polycarbonate shell
  •    Expanded polystyrene liner for added protection
  •    New Echo quick-release, high-retention system with flexible chin cup
  •    Injection-molded neck protector with high density foam liner
  •    Unique, detachable strip pad suspension system
  •    Washable, removable HydrofilDri-Lex fabric liners, including the 1006 multi-zone     comfort liner cover and the 622 Aero-Spacer inner liner for moisture wicking and increased air flow
  •     NIJ 0104.02 3mm tactical face shields with liquid seal
Worldwide Tactical is dedicated to providing high-quality riot helmets, tactical gear and safety equipment designed to enhance the safety of our nation’s law enforcement and correctional officers, as well as all military personnel worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing superior quality products through a company-wide commitment that incorporates progressive production techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and continuous product analysis, innovation and enhancement. Worldwide Tactical pledges to offer the most up-to-date riot shields, riot helmets and other riot gear that will greatly enhance the capability of tactical operations for riot control squads and correctional cell extraction units.