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ASP Expandable Riot Batons

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ASP Expandable Riot Batons


Part Number WWT001

ASP Expandable Riot Batons

Essential expandable defense tools for Law Enforcement. Through years of testing and use by police units worldwide, the ASP Riot Batons have proven themselves ”almost indestructible”. Easily carried and readily available, ASP Riot Batons posses an incredible psychological deterrence and unparalleled control effect. By virtue of their top-grade materials, exceptional workmanship and flawless functionality, ASP Riot Batons stand apart from all others in sheer quality and performance. Select either from ASP Black Chrome or Electroless Stainless Steel. Expand ASP riot batons with a snap of the wrist or retract them for easy carrying. All ASP riot batons have super-strong alloy construction that makes them very strong and reliable. Its black foam handle gives the user a firm durable gripping hold to assure a firm tight grip. Designed to withstand a lifetime of use and abuse.

Air Weight Expandable Riot Batons Grab hold of the situation with ASP Air Weight Riot Batons – they are 45% lighter than the Original ASP Steel riot batons. They are made from a lightweight alloy that’s just as durable and dependable as the Original. The Air Weight Riot Batons are highly recommended for surveillance or low-profile use.

16″ Baton 6-1/4″ closed – 14 oz.
21″ Baton 7-3/4″ closed – 17 oz.
26″ Baton 9-1/2″ closed – 19 oz.
31″ Baton 11-1/4″ closed- 24 oz.


Rigid Straight Riot Batons

Worldwide Tactical LLC, is a premier distributor for all types of straight police riot batons. We represent state-of-the-art facilities, which enable us to build high-precision straight riot batons from a diverse list of materials such as aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, plastic and wood.

We have a highly controlled manufacturing process and facility, making it possible to customize any riot baton to meet your department’s riot baton needs and offer a large variety of standard riot batons. We have the knowledge to build our riot batons in a variety of materials, styles and shapes, and a myriad assortment of accessories.