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Self-Defense / Counter Terrorism Training

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Self-Defense / Counter Terrorism Training


Self-Defense / Counter Terrorism Training

While Israel has been fighting terrorism and dealing with active shooters and attacks on their installations for decades, it is still a fairly new concept to American security agencies. There is still no agreed upon protocols and modes of operation within US law enforcement. This is due to many reasons, some of which may include lack of communication between agencies, lack of experience, or old school doctrines for crime fighting. This is why training direct from the front line of fighting terrorism, is essential to achieve proficiency.

Training must be able to serve academic purposes as well as real world applications. Such realistic and intense training will be a perfect guide for a law enforcement entity performing counter terror/security duties, a special operations unit with an installation protection mission or a security firm providing static security from terrorism.

First of all, there needs to be concepts dedicated to warrior mindset, and warrior skills, as well as drills on how to actually carry out such security and counter terror operations.

This realistic training straight from the source will serve as the operational doctrine for the security detail. The methods described will be those currently in use by the IDF and security services, for combating active shooters, barricaded suspects, terrorist takedowns, and targeted abductions and eliminations. Some of the training courses will include:

  • Vehicle ambush and take down
  • Hostage rescue drills
  • Active shooter takedown
  • Barricaded subject apprehension
  • Installation security

All of the training will be focused on the time proven, battle tested, Israeli method. We will teach you, techniques and methods to build and maintain this type of unit and how to structure the training, including the psychology of combat, what being a warrior really means, and about fighting terrorists in the urban environment.