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Riot Gear and Its Role in Peacekeeping

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Dec 18, 2015 12:28:00 AM

Police riot gear refers to the armor and devices used, most often by law enforcement, for purposes of controlling or dispersing rioting crowds. The goal of such crowd suppression is always to ensure that there is as little harm possible done to the people involved, including the riot control officers. The most important components of the gear that protects the officers themselves includes: armored suits, helmets, shields, and more. This gear is made out of special material and is specifically designed to protect its wearer, making it an invaluable necessity for officers who have to reign in the chaos of an out-of-control crowd.

Full riot gear is designed to defend against both ballistic and melee attacks and most notably includes body armor. Most riot control armor uses bulletproof material like Kevlar and covers its wearer from neck to ankle. This body armor includes vests, neck protection, knee pads, and more.

Riot shields, a distinctively recognizable piece of gear commonly used by riot officers, is a lightweight protection device that is generally designed to shield an average-sized male from head to knee. While some of these shields are bullet resistant, most are not, rather serving as protection against melee-ranged assault and to protect the user from shrapnel or thrown projectiles such as a Molotov cocktail. They are usually constructed from transparent high-impact plastic to allow visibility for the bearer and are in use by police forces in almost every country.

A riot helmet is designed to protect the wearer’s head, face, and eyes from melee weapons and thrown projectiles. They are also often reinforced with materials to protect the wearer from substances such as acid or industrial chemicals, constructed with a hard outer shell and reinforced padding inside. A simple design includes a chinstrap and a hinged visor that curves around the sides and may include a protector for the back of the neck. Some more advanced designs even include multiple visors and communication devices.

Other gear used by riot police may include batons, pepper spray, tear gas, tasers, water cannons, and gas masks. Using lethal methods of crowd control is not legal in most areas of the world in less than the most extreme circumstances, especially because nonlethal methods are often sufficient for the sake of peacekeeping. Protecting police officers is an important way to maintain peace and avoid the breakout of chaos.

Riot control gear is an essential aspect of peacekeeping and law enforcement, particularly in times of unrest. The design and manufacturing of such gear is continually developed and advanced as technological improvements are made, helping to prevent the loss of lives and prevent outbreaks of violence in situations that could otherwise spiral out of control.

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