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Police Officers Look to the Public to Identify Huntington Beach Rioters

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Dec 16, 2015 1:50:21 AM
On July 28, 2013, riots broke out in downtown Huntington Beach following the close of the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing. Police in riot gear were ordered to break up the violent mob, after there were reports of fistfights, destroyed property and looted stores. A riot shield and riot helmet wasn’t enough to scare off the unruly crowd, as the department had to call in nearby agencies to try and break up this disturbance. It took hours and over 100 police officers dressed in riot suits and riot shields, to finally put an end to the disruption.

Damage to the area included portable toilets pushed over, police laced in riot gear helmet having their cruisers destroyed, windows broken among Main Street and bicycles stolen from a local store. This resulted in tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. When the crowd ignored police requests to leave the area, officers in riot gear used pepper spray and rubber bullets on those taking part in the riot. According to one witness, Russ Mundi, police in full riot gear fired what he believed was tear gas. “I heard shots going off, and the whole crowd just started running,” Mundi said.

While there were several arrests made at the scene of the crime, police are now asking the public for help when it comes to identifying all those involved. Thanks to smart phones and cameras, police already have an idea of who else is involved in this horrific crime. Officers recently posted 25 photos of those suspected in the riots to Facebook. Everyone in the pictures are male and sporting obvious tattoos. Photos include a man tagging graffiti on a patrol car and a group of people ripping a stop sign from the ground.

This is all part of a new social campaign to punish those involved. Police officers want to make sure that those involved in the crime, pay the time. However, they do ask that everyone refrains from naming individuals online, as some photos can contain people who are innocent. Social campaigns like these also help discourage people from participating in these types of crimes in the future. If riot police gear doesn’t do the trick, knowing they will be caught and punished for their actions will. Instead of searching riot gear for sale and riot shields for sale, the public will think twice before committing similar crimes in the future. Whether it’s sooner or later, today’s technology will play a part in finding the perpetrator.

As of now, nine people have been arrested in connection to these riots. This includes Fullerton firefighter Michael John Lytle, who was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The youngest involved in the disruptive gang is a 15-year-old Huntington Beach native who was arrested on suspicion of throwing glass bottles at police officers in riot control gear and tipping over portable toilets.

The Huntington Beach Police Department asks that if you know anyone involved with the riots to please get in touch with authorities at hbpd@gmail.com or call 714-375-5066.

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